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If you travel a lot it might be wise to have regular pest maintenance in your home.

Nobody wants bed bugs in their Columbus home. As you may have heard, reports of Columbus bed bugs are rising as has our incoming requests for bed bug control in the Columbus area. If you suspect that bed bugs are invading your home then you should give us a call at (614) 289-6035 immediately.

Unfortunately, unlike ants, you really can’t just ignore bed bugs. Once you’ve been infested by bed bugs, they’re going to stay until you get help from a Columbus bed bug control professional.

Bed bugs suck the blood of humans, usually while they sleep. Bed bugs pierce human skin with a sharp piece of their mouth . The bed bugs then cut through the flesh to find blood vessels to feed on. The bed bug will then feed for 5 minutes and then return to their hiding location.

Bed Bug Control Columbus

It’s unlikely that you’ll find the bed bugs themselves as bed bugs are great at staying hidden. Bed bugs often hide in the seams of mattresses. If you notice fecal spots on your bed sheets then you probably have a bed bug infestation. Another sign of bed bugs is if you wake up covered in lots of bites or itch a lot.

If you think you do have a bed bug problem, you should not consider sleeping in your home. Luckily, our Columbus pest control experts are willing to answer any bed bug question you have. Just call (614) 289-6035 today to schedule your appointment.

Additional Pest Control Services in Columbus

In addition to providing superior bed bug services our team of experts can also help with a variety of other local pests. This includes rodents, roaches, mice, spiders, ants and many more. We encourage you to phone us regardless of the problem you’re having to see how we can help. Many times we are able to either provide an estimate for service or determine if an inspection is necessary just by hearing about the issue at hand over the phone. Call us today to take the first step in eliminating your pest problem.